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The PartsSource Partners Symposium brings together hundreds of HTM and Supply Chain professionals to begin a dialogue about the future of our industry and the digital transformation of the healthcare technology supply chain. The Healthcare Provider Solutions Sessions will feature luminaries from leading healthcare systems, including Intermountain Healthcare and Mayo Clinic , inspirational success stories about increasing uptime and expanding capacity, progressive medical device suppliers, and demonstrations of the latest technology-enabled solutions designed to solve your most pressing challenges.

PartsSource, Chief Product Officer, and Senior Vice President, Dave Brennan sits down with directors from leading health systems to uncover firsthand insights about key HTM challenges and the creative approaches implemented to overcome barriers and unlock improved HTM performance. Joining Mr. Brennan are Larry Hertzler, CCE, AAMIF, Owner, Principal at Hertzler Clinical Engineering, LLC; Ed Lanthier, Clinical Engineering Manager, Kaleida Health; and Sharon Pelusio, President, Mantis Medical Compliance Group.

PartsSource, Senior Director, Services Product Management, Scott Latt introduces PartsSource On-site Service: The first-of-its-kind platform that will redefine the way medical equipment is serviced. In this demonstration, you will learn the three simple steps to better service through the PartsSource platform and how PartsSource has applied its evidence-based decision support technology to connect you with the best pre-qualified local service specialist for your needs.

Join PartsSource, Chief Product Officer and Senior Vice President, Dave Brennan for an inspirational summary of the insights, lessons learned and new technologies that will prepare your organization to achieve high-performance as we navigate the digital transformation of the healthcare supply chain together.

October 22, 2020
11:45 AM - 1:00 PM EST
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