Decision Support Procurement: You Get Quality When You Ask for It

Carol Davis-Smith Headshot
Carol Davis-Smith
President, Carol Davis-Smith & Associates, LLC
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Have you ever received a part and thought, “Some assembly required?” Or have you ever “held the hand” of an external service provider to get the repair completed? We chalk these scenarios up to a host of plausible reasons. When they happen too often, though, we must look in the mirror and ask, “Did I ask for quality?” In this presentation, Carol Davis-Smith will explore factors influencing medical device equipment, parts, and service quality. She will identify metrics important to HTM leaders, manufacturers, and suppliers to define, monitor, and manage quality. She will discuss conventional and innovative tools that enable visibility into quality data, and drive conversations between HTM leaders, equipment manufacturers, and parts/service providers.
October 15, 2020
1:00PM EST
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